The Beccles Society - promoting a better Beccles for everyone

The Beccles Society is a citizens' membership group concerned with the quality of the built environment in Beccles and its impact on people's daily lives 

The Beccles Society seeks to ensure that Beccles flourishes in a challenging and fast changing world, to promote and preserve the unique character of Beccles and its surrounding countryside, not only for the people who live here but also for the many visitors that come here each year. 

The riverscape has changed somewhat since Louis Burleigh Bruhl’s, “On the River at Beccles” was painted, none-the-less, there is much that has changed remarkably little over time.  Reconciling current lifestyles with a past that is worth preserving is not an easy task.  We would all like to see the town develop in a way that does not disturb our heritage too much.

The Beccles Society's Aims are :

To stimulate public awareness and appreciation of the beauty, history and character of Beccles and its surroundings.

To conserve the architectural heritage of the town, its streetscape and the conservation area, and to work for an enhancement of the town environment by encouraging good development.

To stimulate awareness of the impact physical developments have on the social, cultural and commercial life of Beccles and its surroundings.

    The Beccles Society does this by :

     -  scrutinising planning applications and forwarding comments to Waveney District Council.

     -  a programme of awards to architects, builders, schools and business people.

     -  meeting to discuss issues that affect the town and its environs.